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Baby if you love me

Objective: Make someone in the circle laugh by saying "Baby if you love me won't you please smile?"

Adults, Teens, Couples, Singles
Game type:
Passive. Little or no movement is required.
6 or more players.
Needed: None

Rules: Everyone sits in a circle. Placement doesn't matter. A player is chosen to go first. The player goes to another player in the circle that they think will laugh easily. Then they sit on their lap and say "Baby if you love me, won't you please smile?" They can play with that player's hair or whisper in their ear or act loving or anything that will get them to laugh. It all depends on the type of party and the ages of the players. If it is in a youth group or with kids or with teens that have adults around you may have to set rules on what type of touching, etc. is allowed. If it is with adults, couples, singles, or teens it all depends on what they decide. You may say anything goes or you may say that no touching another player is allowed.  
After the person says "Baby if you love me won't you please smile?" the player being sat on must say "Baby I love ya but I just can't smile" without laughing or even cracking a smile. If they don't smile and say the phrase without a hitch, the person on their lap moves on to try and get somebody else. If the person being sat on does laugh it's their turn to be the person in the middle.

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