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Party Planning

Good planning will ensure the success of every party!  Take note of our Quick Checklist and don't leave everything to the last moment!

Quick Checklist

1.  Pick a Date and Time
2.  Make a Guest List
3.  Decide on a
Party Theme
4.  Buy, Address and Send Invitations
5.  Plan the Food
6.  Plan for
7.  Plan the Music
8.  Plan and Buy Decorations

9.  Cleaning Up
10. Most important...

If you drink, then drive, you're an idiot!

Last Minute - keep reading...

Items you will forget! 

  • Linens Cloths (to floor?) Napkins, Colours

  • Napkin Rings

  • Games

  • Toilet paper (loads) 

  • What happens if it rains?

  • Photographer Videographer Camera

  • Candles (candle lighting, other)

  • Dress Determination

  • Gift Table > Information Table

  • Hotel Reservations (Non Locals)

  • Maps (to/from airport; other locations)

  • Transportation

  • Message Book

  • Welcome Sign, Entrance Piece At Door

  • Balloon Bouquets

  • Buffets - Decor Signage

  • Directional Signage (toilets)

  • Music - Entertainment DJ  Band Backdrop

  • Roasts and Toasts Audio/Visual Needs Speeches

More things to consider!

Music and Atmosphere

Whether you hire a band, a DJ, or simply spin your own CD collection, music keeps the party moving. 


If your party is being held in a non-smoking household try to make accommodations for smokers, like a  room with a fan blowing.  If you do not have a place for smokers let them know in advance that the party is held in a non-smoking household.


Creative lighting will contribute much to the atmosphere.  Try replacing some bulbs with coloured lamps or low wattage bulbs.


Try to make provisions for parking in advance.  If you will be allowing guests to park on the lawn or in the back yard, let them know in your invitation.  Ask your neighbours about parking options or warn them that guests will be parking on the street.


Consider removing all the chairs from the party area.  This will create more room for people to mingle


A scented candle in the bathroom is a nice touch.  Extra rolls of toilet tissue in easy view.

Accidents and Spills

Accidents are part of life.  Don't let an accident or spill ruin the party.  Have some spot remover on hand just in case.


It's always a good idea to bring a small gift to a party even if the host or hostess instructs you not to in the invitation.  Bring along a bottle of wine, some flowers or chocolates to show your appreciation.

Coffee & Snacks

You can never have too much food at a party. Be sure to have plenty of hot coffee and snacks on hand for late in the evening.

Party hearty and have fun!

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