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Lap Stack

Objective: Move around a circle by answering questions. Expect some lap sitting and lap stacking!

Adults, Teens, Couples, Singles
Game type:
Active. A lot of movement may be required.
6 or more players.
Needed: None

Rules: Put everyone in a circle. Each player should have a chair. Ask these statements to the guests. When a person can answer yes to a question, that person moves to the next seat on their right. By the way.. After a while there will be several players sitting on laps...even 4 at a time. You will want to have your own list of questions or criteria. Here are a few suggestions: 
If you are wearing shoes that tie  
If you are wearing a watch  
If you have on a button  
If you went to church Sunday  
If you kissed your significant other today  
If you are wearing heels  
If you are wearing a ring  
If you are having fun  
If you are wearing yellow  
If you made the bed you slept in  
If you have a zipper  
If you are wearing pants  
If you have a son  
If you have green eyes 
If you have been to Hawaii 
If you like chocolate 
If speak a foreign language

Winning: The first person who gets back to their original seat wins.

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