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Information and Advice Regarding Child Abuse - Children are extremely resilient, often much more so than adults.

Fix the Problem of Alcohol Abuse - Have you ever known anyone that you felt drank just a little too much and a little too often? Maybe that person is a good friend of yours, maybe it's your father or.

Getting Your Music Licensed For Use In TV and Film From Your Site - Attempting to get your music licensed can be frustrating and difficult.

The Benefit of Teaching Others to Play Drums - You never want to pass up an opportunity to teach someone else how to play drums, or even show them a cool groove or fill.

Flamenco Guitar Learn To Play Malaguena With Guitar Tab - Flamenco guitar is an art that it is hard to master.

Internet Music Downloads and the Music Industry - The use of the Internet for finding and downloading music has reshaped the music industry.

The Latest Upheaval Absolutely Free Music Downloads - With such advancements being made in the field, there is still a lot of plagiarism and scamming being seen elsewhere.

Piano Lessons Make Sure They Include Chords Music Theory - Proper piano instruction is an element extremely vital to learning the instrument well.

How MySpace Music Indie Artists Succeed - Whether you are a fan of indie music or an independent musician yourself, you have no doubt noticed the number of indie artists who have been using the social networking websites like MySpace to increase their exposure.

Acid Jazz African Contemporary Rai Jazz Styles Drummers Guide - Acid Jazz draws on many musical styles Funk (mainly 1970s Funk), Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian and it has no standard beats.

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