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Information and Advice Regarding Child Abuse

Children are extremely resilient, often much more so than adults. It often seems anything which is thrown at a child they are able to bounce back from without giving it too much thought. Child abuse, unfortunately, is not one of these things. Children are extremely vulnerable, and just like new born babies they depend upon adults to take care of them and ensure their safety.

Children, generally, are trusting souls, and will take anything an adult says as the truth. Many children therefore fall into the terrible trap of silently suffering child abuse because their abuser, whoever this may be, will tell them nothing is out of the ordinary, and also to keep it a secret otherwise such and such will happen, such as: "You will be taken away from your family." Of course, a child is then scared witless and is trapped into silence for fear that they're families will abandon them should they speak out. Many children unfortunately are trapped in situations such as this and one can only imagine the fright and horror they endure. There are obviously different kinds of abuse, from the most vile and calculated acts of child abuse such as sexual abuse, to calculated violence, down to the odd violent outburst and general neglect.

Anything which causes a child harm or suffering is child abuse, and very often the children never speak out about their torment until perhaps their adult years when they realise everything they was told was a pack of lies and everything they endured they shouldn't have. It is all too common a story nowadays, and sadly, it is still going on. Many people suspect child abuse, but are too scared to blow the whistle on those they suspect of causing the abuse for fear of getting it wrong.

Many times it may be the teachers who see a child is becoming withdrawn or may have bruises or other wounds, and after talking to the child and ruling out bullying may suspect abuse at the home, in which case they have a moral duty to inform social services with their concerns. In the last couple of years in Britain there have been a few high profile cases which involved children which were being abused terribly but nobody reported it, and in the end the children ended up dead at the hands of their abusers. This kind of tragedy can be averted so easily by simply taking the chance of being wrong rather than living with the guilt of holding your tongue or keeping out of it.

You are welcome to visit our website for more information on Child Abuse.

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