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Is It Cleaner With Powersteamer

The strongest points of this vacuum cleaner are powerful rotating brushes and wide cleaning path. Your carpets will be free from deep down dirt and you will only need small amount of time to clean them with Bissell Powersteamer. What is deep carpet cleaning all about? The goal is to destroy ground in dirt and remove it in one attempt. All the stains that are in your carpets need to be softened first, and this is done with steam technology. You can't clean some stains with regular vacuum cleaner, for the tough ones you will need to use solution and hot water.

When the stains are softened and are destroyed in hot water, then Bissell Powersteamer will pick them up in its container. You have to be aware that Bissell has enormous experience when it comes to carpet cleaning and cleaning machines, so it's no wonder they can produce such a effective vacuum cleaner for a decent price. Besides that, they are offering some additional products that will help your carpets look like they are brand new for years to come. The hearth of Bissell Powersteamer is a 6.

5 amp motor that is quite different from other more expensive machines. This motor so much lighter and does not have an on board heater. This is how Bissell decided to increase maneuverability and easy of use.

You will sip hot tap water inside the Powersteamer container and you can start your cleaning. Because there is no heater on board, the machine is lighter, cheaper and easier to maintain. The negative is that you will not get so great results when the water gets cold. Another smart solution that reduces the size of this vacuum is the tank design. Clean water and dirty water are stored in the same tank.

Clean water is in the center of the tank while dirty water surrounds that center tank, like some sort of bladder. It's really great to see something like this, a practical solution that improved this vacuum for all who wants it small and easy. One drawback that is connected to the on board heater and solution is that you can't use the amount of solution you want. Since water and cleaning solution are in the same tank, you can't apply more solution on the areas where you might want to do that. Heavy and bulky machines have this possibility, since they have separate tanks and an on board heater. This is the price you have to pay if you want to have a low weight cleaning machine for a more affordable price.

You will have to decide what suits you more. If you want a powerful cleaner for carpets,a heavy weight carpet cleaner with an on board heater is what would be best. If you have to clean often and the stains are really stubborn, then that's the way to go.

On the other side, Bissell Powersteamer is one of the best light weight steam cleaners you can find right now. If you don't have pets or children in your home, then this will most likely satisfy your carpet cleaning needs.

Maybe you wish to find out more about Bissell Powersteamer or check out little green machine. On our site you will also read a review of Bissell Pro Heat.

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