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The Innovative Napster Currently Put Forward Fresh Products

Under the direction and guidance of innovative and extremely optimistic CEO, Chris Gorog, Napster continues to take on new ventures. Napster, as you may recall, was the very first music downloading site ever on the internet. Accused of unsavory practices � the music industry said they were offering pirated music; Napster was actually shut-down for a time. Like all good fighters, though, Napster did not stay down for long. Instead, they reinvented themselves and are once again successful and growing.

Napster is not nearly the �whole story� when it comes to the MP3 revolution. Though leaders at first in music sharing, they were beaten to the punch by others when offering MP3 files for download. Internet Underground Music Archive,, LiquidAudio and RealAudio were offering MP3 downloads first.

Because they have been available for a longer period of time and have massive libraries of MP3 downloads available, these three will prove worthy competition for Napster. There are also some cutting-edge musical artists who offer MP3 download from their websites; their scope is limited, however, so poses a smaller threat. Napster will be joining other sites that have been offering MP3 downloads for some time, including:, RealAudio, LiquidAudio and others. Napster does have name recognition in the music download world; it is only the availability of MP3 downloads that will be new to their loyal customers.

Most other sites represent a moderate level of competition; it�s Steve Job�s iTunes Music Store that will provide the biggest challenge. Mr. Robert Enderle, Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group, is among the skeptics who are not entirely sure Napster can be successful with MP3 downloads. He has stated� I cannot picture many iPod and iTunes users shifting to Napster since iTunes software is so integrated with Apple music.� He is not alone in this feeling; other experts have expressed the same concerns.

Just who would be the wrong competition? Most experts agree that the popularity of Apple iPods and the iTunes music store is beyond competing with. Per Enderle �I can�t picture many iPod and iTunes users shifting to Napster since iTunes software is so integrated with Apple music�. Besides, what would compel iTunes users to leave them? Not much, it seems; iPod and iTunes users are very loyal and have a high degree of trust in the quality of and in the services they provide. Napster�s CEO, Gorog, remains undaunted.

He has stated he remains pleased with Napster�s progress and is delighted because he feels his company is now able to compete on a more level playing field.

At Any Music Downloads, we are pleased to have Isaiah Henry as reviewer on music downloads. If you have questions or comments post on the Music forum.

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